EP9 Training the Brain for Vertical Jumping, Bodybuilders vs Powerlifeters, and Pre-Suasion

Whether you realize it or not, everyone is using a different set of muscles to perform what would seem to be the same tasks.  One individual may use a certain set of muscles more while walking, running, or jumping than another person doing the exact same activity.   What I have learned is to achieve peak jumping performance, training the brain to use the proper muscle groups rather than just the ones your body has naturally developed over the years you have lived is beneficial as well as critical to gaining that 35 inch vertical.

Training the brain is one topic discussed.

I also dive deeper into the difference between bodybuilders and powerlifters.  Which one you should emulate in your quest to peak vertical jumping.

And then my tip for the day on setting your mind before any activity can ultimately make or break your results.

Glad you are along with me on this journey!

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