EP8 – Top 10 Vertical Jump Training Mistakes

Do you find yourself jumping from training program to training program, not sticking with something more than 6 weeks?

When you jump train, do you intend to leave the session completely gassed? To the point of wanting to throw up?

Is you body built perfectly for plyometrics and bouncing, but then it folds under any kind of weight?

These and other top vertical jump training mistakes are discussed and uncovered in this week’s podcast episode.

New deadlift max reached.  Hit my initial goal of being able to deadlift 305 lbs.  Now on to new goals of deadlifting 2x my body weight and squatting 1.5x my body weight.  For me that equals:

Deadlift: 340lbs
Squat: 255lbs

Totally achievable.

Vertical Tested, listen to the end for my first official results!

Giving a shout out to my trainer Pete at the Institute for Precision in Movement: http://www.precisioninmovement.com/

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