My Vertical Jump Training

I’m 37, and I will be dunking for the first time by the age of 38.

I’m 6’1” and the closest I’ve ever come to dunking was 4 years ago with my last round of jump training in which I was able to grab the rim at about my palm.

I’m going about this slightly differently this time.

One main difference is my mentality.  I’m going to go at this until…

I mean, I have it in my mind that I am not going to stop my vertical jump training until I’ve given myself the ability to dunk.

At this point, I need about an increase of 6 inches in a little over a year’s time.

Seem doable?

Well, I am recording my efforts each week in podcast form.

Follow along to learn my process, see my progress, and gain insights into the advanced jump training techniques I am implementing.

It’s a perfect opportunity to take your jump training to the next level along with me!

Check out my latest progress update video [5.5″ increase in vertical test]: